What To Do If She Plays Mind Games

What To Do If She Plays Mind Games

f a woman tries to play mind games with you, you should either bust her or ignore her.
NEVER try to play along, because it’s just a waste of your time and will only make things worse.

You know how sometimes when you keep a cat, it likes to meow like crazy in the middle of the night for a night snack?

Or sometimes it “attacks” you playfully while you’re sleeping to get a reaction from you.

What do you do when that happens?

Do you wake up and feed him the snack?

Or do you hit it with a broomstick?

Neither. You just ignore it. Why? Because if you give him any sort of a “fun” reaction (such as feeding him and going after him with a broomstick), he will know he can get you to play with him or to feed him by just meowing whenever he wants.

Women are the same, whenever a woman plays mind games or throws a tantrum, you DON’T want to encourage her way by freaking out or getting upset. Just act indifferent…or even act like you don’t care because you can see through her.

Every time a woman does something silly, just look at her and smile – the way you would do it if you were to say “You REALLY like me” non-verbally.

It is much more powerful than freaking out or getting into an argument with her.

And if she keeps the bullsh*t up, it’s time for you to sack her and find yourself a new girlfriend at adultfrinendfinder.com login!

How To Maintain Your Love Pad

Here’s a couple of tips on how to maintain your love pad:

1) Make your bed before you head out. I’m serious.
No chick will get into a messy bed.

2) Put air refreshers by your bed to get rid of your smell.

3) Keep your apartment CLEAN.

4) Leave some artwork on the wall. Personally I use cheap posters of famous artwork. You can get them at poster places for like each.

5) Keep a few indoor plants.

6) Have some “conversation pieces” lying around.

These can be your CD collection, you gun collection for the brothers in the south (I have a friend who’s only into Soutern Belles and they seem to DIG his gun collection) or just a couple of books lying on the coffee table.

My personal favourite is a little acqurarium.

7) Have condoms in your bedside drawer AND under your bed. Keep some massage oil and lubrication close by too. I even have a pair of “flurry handcuffs” in a drawer.)

8) Put faders / dimmers on your lights so that you can create a more romantic atmosphere whenever you want.

9) Buy a pack of “50 candles” at IKEA and light them all on special occassions. (Make sure you don’t set off the fire alarms though.)

So…now that you have your pad ready for action, do you have the girl?

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You’re going to learn secrets and step-by-step techniques for everything you need to know to start meeting the women you have always wanted to meet.

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