Personal Ad Responses

Personal Ad Responses

You have an attention-getting user name, a great photo and an interesting profile that draws a lot of attention, but things can still fall apart if you’re sending out an awkward response to other people’s personal ads. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you write the perfect response:

The DO’s:

Plan in Advance: Be prepared with more than one response idea on dating site like adultfrienedfinder. You may want to reply with humor to one personal ad and in a more serious way to another. By planning ahead of time, you have time to think about what you want to say and review your message before actually posting it. Have a friend read and react to your draft message and make changes accordingly.

Spell-check and Proper Grammar: Show that you are serious about finding quality dates by paying attention to details. Many intelligent people are just naturally bad spellers, but bad spelling and poor grammar can make you look less educated than you actually are. Find any errors by using a word processor with spell-check to write your draft before posting your response.

Personalize Your Response: If you plan to respond to multiple personal ads, it makes sense to use a general template. But you will want your response to be personalized for each person. No one appreciates a form letter but many will respond with enthusiasm when you acknowledge that you’ve taken the time to personalize your response by referring to something in their profile.

Don’t Be Too Long or Too Brief: “Liked your profile. . .want to chat?” This may be the most common response to a personal ad – and the most ignored. On the flip side, sharing your life’s story can be a big turn-off. The perfect personal ad response will draw attention to your reply by setting yourself apart from the rest with an interesting, to-the-point response.

Keep Track of Your Contacts: Avoid writing a series of posts to someone who has not yet responded to you. Desperation is never appealing and quite the turn-off. Also, you may end up being labeled a stalker.

The DON’Ts:

Asking for Personal Information: Never request personal information on your first contact; that can happen after you’ve decided to pursue things further. Don’t request a phone number, address, or last name before you have even gotten a reply back. Your response should be friendly and inviting and show a balance of interest in their profile and information about yourself.

Share Failed Relationship Details: Avoid any mention of past or failed relationships. It’s a hard topic to speak of without sounding whiney or bitter. You also risk appearing obsessed and unable to move on.

Use Sex as a Come-On: Unless the personal ad indicates a desire for a casual sexual relationship and you agree, never use sexual innuendo, vulgar or rude language. Women, typically delete them; men expect a link to a porn site.

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