How to meet a girl! How many female hot friends you have?!

How to meet a girl! How many female hot friends you have?!

Have you ever noticed how it so easy for you to seduce women and get phone numbers when you are out with a hot female friend? Have you also noticed that girls will all of a sudden become interested in you when they spot you standing next to an attractive female?

It is a given fact that a hot female friend makes you more desirable in the eyes of other girls. She increases your chances of making out with them. But why is this so? What is it that hot girls do that can make any average guy all of a sudden become a female magnet?

The reason can be attributed to something profound known as pre-selection. Pre-selection is an evolutionary phenomenon that dates back to thousands of years ago when man used to live in caves. Survival of the fittest was the name of the game at that time. Men were seen as protectors of women. It was believed that the stronger the man was, the better protection he was able to offer to his woman, therefore increasing her chances of survival.

Centuries have passed since then but this theory still remains deeply engrained in the brains of the females till date. This is one of the main reasons why newly married men find themselves getting more attention from other women at adultfrienedfinder despite the fact that they are married. When a woman sees you standing next to another woman, especially an attractive one, her brain will send signals such as “he is strong that is why she is with him. This shows that he will surely protect you.”

Simply put having a female friend next to you will help you build initial attraction with another women without much effort and you will be able to seduce women with more success.

Action: Check your phone today and invite your female friends to hang out with you. Nurture that friendship and make it grow. It should preferably be an attractive one. Attractive women are more open to friendship than the other girls.

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