DHV Explained

DHV Explained

As it was said by Mystery in The Mystery Method “Anything you can do that conveys higher survival and replication value is a DHV”. Lets take this quote into context, say you walk into a bar one night and you open a set but you already have two girls with you (they maybe just friends), what this will do is convey pre-selection to your target. It’s a DHV. When your target HB sees that you have other women around you, they feel attracted to you as a result of this demonstration of pre-selection.

When a woman discovers that a guy has lot of money, she sees that he may be able provide her with a rich lifestyle, she will find him more attractive as it is a demonstration of higher value. But it’s not the case that you need to have a lot of money to DHV her. In fact, telling a woman that you have a lot of money is not DHV, if you are telling her “I own a Ferrari, I have a 10 bedroom mansion….etc” she will automatically realise that you are trying to impress her and will lose attraction.

Putting DHV spikes while telling her a story is something pick-up artists incorporate to their game to make the women at adultfrinendfinder figure out on her own that this guy must be awesome. Women love to screen so when she is interested, she will screen for more and more interesting facts about you. By putting them out up front, such as bragging, you are destroying her fun and shows you have a lack of confidence.

Other examples of DHV are where a woman sees that a guy has a lot of social proof from gaming the room or from seeing his social circle. Demonstrating to a woman that you are not needy, have a strong frame, being unaffected by her IOD as well as social intelligence and connecting with her conversationally are all DHV.

The real motive behind DHV is to then make her DHV you. You DHV and then look for IOIs in and then once she’s done that we make her DHV us so we can IOI her. It’s like a whole process of mirroring each other. There is one every PUA need to keep in mind, its that don’t put yourself into the mind frame that you must DHV in order seduce that HB, just keep in mind the higher value traits and relax while in an interaction and have fun.

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