Day-Game for Beginners

Day-Game for Beginners


In day game, you’re first impression gets divided up into a few categories and, if you do a good enough job, the girl is impressed enough that she wants you to pursue her.

Day game has two aspects. On the one hand, you need to know how to hit on a girl in the middle of the day, and at the same time you have to battle your nerves. It can be nerve wracking to walk up to a beautiful stranger and tell her what you think about her in front of a slew of onlookers – I still get jittery occasionally –but you’ll see in due time that everyone who’s listening to you thinks it’s awesome.

There is a system for both aspects. I say system because the obstacles you think are holding you back (sticking points) can normally be overcome with just some minor tweaking. Think of it like a skilled soccer goalie, study his tactics on adultfrinendfinder enough and you can score most of the time and once that happens, it just becomes fun. *(see the post on analyzing your sticking points—that helped me out a lot when I was starting out)

So here is the system.


The system of what you need to actually do is as follows.

  1. Getting over AA: Because you need to actually approach the girl to get somewhere with her.
  2. The approach: How to physically approach her so she stops on the street
  3. The Opener/ body language: What to say first and how to look when saying it
  4. The conversation: How to continue talking to her past the opener so she thinks you are a cool guy.
  5. The number close: Self- explanatory

In this article I’ll go over 1-3 and 4-5 will be in Part II & III.


You do need to get over AA (approach anxiety) at some point.

Before you go out, read these. It will help you get your head in the right place about day game.

  1. By the mere fact that you are honest enough with yourself to work on improving your social independence, you are already more interesting than 99% of the world. Yes, self-improvement is sexy (but this is for you, so don’t talk about it, girls will pick up on it on their own –they are a lot more socially calibrated in certain respects than we are. But, we have a penis so….win).
  2. Girls are ALMOST NEVER approached during the day. When you approach a girl during the day you are displaying a massive pair of cojones. Regardless of how she reacts, you are a baller.
  3. The worst reaction you will get to an opener  is “thank you”—unless she is a brat or an idiot. Seriously, it’s very flattering for a girl to feel attractive enough to stop a guy in his tracks. That shit is Disney quality romance (for girls, that’s a good thing).
  4. If she is blunt or silent, she is probably just shy.

My point is, go out there and just do it. Rest assured that in due time that nervousness and anxiety will turn into a positive source of energy for you. Power through the first 20 or so and you’ll have more balls than most guys who have been doing night game for years.

Your goal: Approach 20 girls within the next 2-3 weeks. Use the opener I’ll give to you in a few paragraphs, and give yourself a pat on the back for doing it. 80% of the battle is just doing the damn approach and it gets exponentially easier after that (for you math nerds, the difficulty curve is logarithmic). It takes work and tenacity, but it’s not hard.


Goal: Get her to stop

You’re going to see her, wait no more than three seconds, turn around calmly, approach her from an angle –because running up behind her will frighten her – catch her eye, put you hand out as if you are saying “wait” (palm down works best for me) smile and say “excuse me.”

(pm me if you would like a diagram)

Her first impression of you will be in the seconds when you approach her, so bear in mind that you are giving off a thin-slice the second she sees you. You’ll need to fix up your posture if it’s bad, get a good haircut and dress for the type of the girls that you want to attract e.g. if you want a punk rock chick don’t dress like a banker etc.

For posture, pull-ups and back exercises are great.

That’s it.


Your goal: Get a good thin slice and a first line that makes her melt –just a little.

You said excuse me, She has stopped, and you have a few seconds to say something that is going to keep her from moving.

What to say:

“Excuse me, I saw you walking past and you look so gorgeous that I would be kicking myself for the rest of the day if I didn’t come over to you and say ‘hi.’”

How you are going to say it:

In a cool, calm and confident way i.e. “Excuse me (pause), I saw you walking past and  (mini-pause) you look so gorgeous (extend the vowels) that I would be kicking myself for the rest of the day if I didn’t come over to you and say ‘hi.’”

Pay attention to how actors speak, it’s barely ever rushed unless they want to sound frantic.

Body Language:

You’re going to want to plant your feet about shoulder width apart and stand tall to give you a more masculine presence and project your voice with confidence. Practice in front of the mirror if you have to.

Just remember, you want to look confident, not rigid.

After you deliver the opener say “I’m XX,” extend your hand and relax your stance and have a conversation.

Go out and practice this and I’ll give you Part II next week.


1. Approach the girl from an angle, make eye contact, and project “excuse me”

2. Plant yourself, stand confidently and speak the opener calmly.

2. “I saw you walking past and you look so gorgeous that I would be kicking myself for the rest of the day if I didn’t come over to you and say hi”

3. “Hi I’m XX” and extend your hand

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